Do you ever feel like procrastination defines your financial life?

If you feel disorganized and aren’t sure if your financial dreams are possible, I will help you bring order to your financial life. Financial planning doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth. Instead, we will build a plan that helps you pursue your goals with confidence. You'll better understand the financial implications of your decisions and feel peace knowing that you have a plan in place.

3-4 working sessions to get you from where you are now to an actionable financial plan.

The most important part of the planning process is developing a thorough understanding of who you are and the possibilities you have in mind for your career, life, and family. You’ll receive a personal financial-behavior profile that will help you understand and manage your strengths and struggles in regards to money, while allowing me to further customize your plan.

Together, we’ll gather all the details of your financial life in one place, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your current course, help you define your objectives, and build a plan for closing any gaps between where you are, and where you want to be. Best of all, you’ll receive an action plan with specific steps for implementing your plan so you can confidently start down your path.

What's included?

A complete picture of your wealth and your present financial condition.

A financial behavior profile for you and your partner, along with a debrief to help you understand your profile(s).

A vision for your financial future translated into specific goals and an analysis of your current financial outlook.

Options for strategies to achieve your specific goals and address any unmanaged risks that could negatively impact your goals.

An investment analysis to assess how your investments align with your goals and if they tolerate risk. I'll also give you tips for realigning your investments with your values.

An action plan to successfully start you off on your financial journey. You'll also receive referrals to other professionals, if needed.

What does it cost?

A one-time financial plan ranges
from $1,200 to $5,000

(cost will depend on the complexity)

For example, the cost for a single, early-career professional with less complex investments would  be in the lower range.

The cost of a complete plan for a mid-career business owner with multiple employees, a family, and more complicated tax and investment issues, would be in the higher range. 

Are you interested in a complete financial plan?

Set up a Complimentary consultation so I can get to know you, your needs, and your goals, and provide you with a specific quote for our customized services.